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ACOD is an approved RTO and eligible to access funds to deliver government subsidised training. Each state has different subsidies available. Check the releveant state information below and contact us on  0416 095 263 or email us at to find out more.

Other incentives

ACT Government

Under the Payroll Tax Act 1987, a Payroll Tax exemption is the only incentive for apprentices offered in the ACT for wages paid or payable. Details on all Payroll Tax exemptions can be found on the ACT Revenue Office.Additional funding to support training is available through the Skills Canberra branch of the ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate for Australian Apprentices who may have learning difficulties. It is also available to support students who may require additional support in areas such as literacy and numeracy, sign language interpreter services, or mentoring. RTOs can apply in writing to Skills Canberra for funding for such services and applications will be considered on the individual merits of each case. Information is available in the

Interstate Training Assistance

Some Travel and Accommodation assistance is available to apprentices who travel interstate for training. Please note interstate training only applies when there is no RTO delivering the relevant training in the ACT. For further information, visit the Becoming an Apprentice or Trainee webpage or contact Skills Canberra on (02) 6205 8555 or email

To see whether you may be eligible for ACT funding, call us on 0416 095 263 or Email us on The final decision about your eligibility for ACT funding will be made by ACOD through your registration process and on the basis of the documentation you provide to prove your eligibility.
Find more information about tuition fees under ACT funding here:


ACOD is an approved ACTFA and eligible to access funds to deliver government subsidised training. Contact us on  0416 095 263 or email us on to find out more information. The ACT qualifications Register  lists available funding amounts for RTOs accessing User Choice funding to deliver Australian Apprenticeships qualifications in the ACT.

Completion Payment

Students who successfully complete their qualification are eligible for a completion payment. A completion payment will be paid directly to the student upon completion of the qualification and a survey. The completion payment is $300 for each qualification. Students will be eligible to receive the completion payment for up to 1 year after successful completion of the qualification, provided up to date email and bank account details are confirmed. A student is not eligible for a completion payment where more than 50% of the units are completed through RPL or credit transfer. A significant proportion of units completed through credit transfer may also impact on student eligibility for the completion payment.

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