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New Zealand Course

This qualification reflects the role of dispensing opticians who dispense and supply optical appliances as prescribed by optometrists and/or ophthalmologists in accordance with the New Zealand Standards.
Dispensing opticians practice in a range of environments including optical dispensaries, optometric practices and laboratories. They may be self-employed or employed by another dispensing optician, an optometrist, a major optical dispensing company or other retailers. This qualification supports registration as a dispensing optician with the Optometrist and Dispensing Optician Board in New Zealand.

What you need to know

Course Delivery

This flexible course is delivered both online and via practical workshops in Auckland.

The course is available and opens for enrolment throughout the year. Participants will be placed in the below suggested cohorts based on their enrolment date.

Cohort 1: enrolment between July and January
Cohort 2: enrolment between February and June

Practical Workshops

Each student is required to attend New Zealand workshops comprised of 4 separate practical workshops of 4 days each. The workshop dates are set to ensure learners are able to fully develop the required skills and knowledge prior to assessment. ACOD allows students to transfer into different cohorts to suit their individual needs


Course duration is flexible and can be structured for 18 to 24 month programs part-time.
Students may complete the program earlier than these timelines through achievement of recognition of prior learning (RPL) or credit transfer.


There will be a variety of assessment tools used to assess learners, which include:

  • online quizzes and written assessments

  • observation and demonstration

  • verbal / written tests

  • workplace logbook

  • project / case study

  • closed text written tests

Students are given a detailed timetable that matches their program.

Admission Requirements

The candidate must:

  • have access to at least 100 hours of work experience in a retail optical dispensary in New Zealand

  • have the support of workplace supervisors

  • have the appropriate technology and skills for online delivery

  • complete the LLN assessment at a ACSF (Australian Core Skills Framework) level 3

  • provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI)

  • be over 18 years old and not school based

The course comprises 14 units.

Below is the list of units being offered by ACOD, as defined by the training package.

Deliver and monitor a service to customers (release 1)
Lead effective workplace relationships (release 1) (selected elective)
Lead team effectiveness (release 1) (selected elective)
Communicate and work in health or community services (release 2)
Work with diverse people (release 1)
Provide advice on optical appliances (release 1)
Dispense optical appliances (release 1)
Dispense atypical prescriptions (release 1)
Process and manage optical appliance orders (release 1)
Participate in workplace health and safety (release 3)
Analyse and achieve sales targets (release 1) (selected elective)
Control inventory (release 2) (selected elective)
Coordinate merchandise presentation (release 1) (selected elective)
Sell products and services (release 1)

Support Services

If the LLN identifies any individual need, resource requirements and the unit delivery can be adjusted to support the learner. ACOD monitors the progress of all learners and their readiness for assessment as they progress through their course.

Fee Information

The cost of this course is AU $8400 (equivalent to NZ $8850).

Fees are payable in instalments. Instalments will be 6 equal payments up to NZ $1475 payable every 2 months post enrolment. Alternate payment plans can be negotiated.

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